Accidents on Samui

The accident geneI’m accident-prone!

I know I am.

My wife has never been in the hospital except to deliver our only child, and believe it or not, she left the confines of her bed that very evening after delivery.

I suppose in a way she makes up for the both of us.
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The Scootering Life in Samui

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the air fresh……… its no wonder scootersPainted scooter are so popular in the south of Thailand. Not only are they a fun and practical means of tooting about the islands, these days they are becoming the ultimate statement of style.
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Nigel’s BBQ & Catering on Koh Samui

Famous Nigel's barbecue ribsThey’ve been up and running in Samui for 4 years now. Every year getting busier and with their clientele base expanding. Nigel's many menu choices and party packages Handling parties of all types, including weddings, birthdays and some wild beach parties, Nigel has even made white linen parties happen in places you wouldn’t expect. Focusing on the quality of the food and the delight of the customers is always their number one priority.
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Fond Fantasies of Samui Sustenance – The Secret Chefs Society

Your favourite dining environmentOn the decadent island of Koh Samui, secrets have been kept for decades. Groves of gastronomic guests have gathered at banquets to feast on the cuisine of chefs who have wrapped their own recipes in the flavours of Thailand. Never before have they unified to bare their elements to the public. Orchestra of chefs serving some of Samui's best foodNow one of the greatest of confidences is being revealed to epicureans from around the globe. Five prestigious restaurants have banded together to create a way to reward true gourmands.
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Thai Temple Titillation – Just a touch of discretion

Holiday apparel Travellers who are entering Thailand for the first time often make the mistake of assuming that their holiday apparel is not something to consider when wandering around the streets, within the shopping areas and particularly within the temples. It’s a mistake that may seem innocent, however has changed the views of Western culture drastically for the people of Thailand.

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The Betel Nut Business

the tradition of planting betel nuts has existed for over 1,500 yearsBetel nuts, one of the four famous Chinese medicines, are found throughout the Asian continent where the tradition of planting betel nuts has existed for over 1,500 years. The betel nuts became well known as early as in the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties, when the provincial officials used betel nuts as tributes to the royal court. Over the years, a unique “betel-nut culture” has been fostered.

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Beat the Heat

Koh Samui’s tropical climate can leave us feeling somewhat hot and bothered at times. Hibiscus rosa-sinensisAfter a blistering afternoon on the beach in front of our rental villa, after a determined shopping hunt for souvenirs all morning, or a day of elephant trekking, motorcycle riding and island hopping, the less acclimatised can begin to feel themselves wilt under the unrelenting rays of happy sunshine.

Luckily, Koh Samui has an extra special home remedy to help you keep your cool. And it’s a flower. Continue reading

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The Amulets of Koh Samui

The Amulets you will see in Koh Samui are special Buddha images, often gold-plated and worn around the neck. They are believed to possess a variety of sacred powers such as the ability to protect the wearer from accident or ill-health.

The Amulets are worn around the neck and are believed to possess a variety of sacred powersOn Koh Samui this is particularly important if you drive around a great deal, as the roads are very dangerous. Stalls selling amulets can be seen on virtually every street or market place. However, authentic Jatukam amulets should only be bought from particular temples and the monks who reside there. Continue reading

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Black Magic, Spells and Love Potions

In Thailand medallions and amulets are hanging around everyone’s necksOnce you’ve had the opportunity to spend some quality time in Koh Samui, away from the local tourist locations, out of your holiday villa and with some of the authentic people, you will begin to notice an incredible amount of their culture revolving around superstitions, magic and talisman power. And then there will come the moment when you realize that someone has actually gone and put a spell on you. Continue reading

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One Night in Koh Samui

Many visitors to Koh Samui are immediately whisked away by VIP bus to their intended destinations, and if you are a world traveller you know that there is so much more that lies inside your resort walls. Continue reading

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